Orders must be presented via email to info@darnelinc.com or via fax 954-929-0082.
Verbal orders are not accepted.

Its suggested to all customers to call and follow up that orders were received.
Darnel sells fabrics by the roll. The average roll in most lines are 40-60 yard put ups.
Roll sizes and exact yardage ordered are not guaranteed because orders are processed from available rolls.
Special orders incur a 30% service charge per yard and may take additional time to process.

To ensure timely processing place orders with:

-Amount of fabric needed in yards
-Proper Darnel fabric name
-Proper Darnel fabric color or number

Darnel processes orders within 24-72 hours. Same day or 24 hour time frames are not guaranteed.
Orders are processed in the order they are received. Customers will be contacted by Sales Dept
in the event their order is delayed. 

Changes to order must be submitted in writing.

Darnel will not be held responsible for shade variations from order to order.

All shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. Standard Shipping Charges Apply.
Freight collect shipping is also available on customer's shipping account number.
Darnel determines the shipper unless otherwise specified by the customer. 
Darnel is not responsible for damaged, lost or untimely deliveries due to freight carrier errors, weather delays etc.

Prices and terms subject to change without notice


Please verify that your order has been received correctly.

Full rolls are accepted for yardage credit with prior Return Authorization number.
Returns must be marked with Return Authorization number to expedite credit in accounting.
Shipping charges
will not be credited.

All fabrics must be returned within 60 days of purchase. Close Out Fabrics will not be accepted for return credit.
Darnel will not give credit once fabric has been cut off the roll.


Darnel Fabrics carries a wide array of goods that are intended for many different industries and uses. 
All fabrics are "not created equal" and will react differently to different methods of washing,
ironing and general processing.

Therefore, we suggest that you perform a care test of your own on any of our fabrics that you are considering purchasing.
Fabrics are sold "as is" and we do not perform any testing.

Please feel free to call the Sales department with any questions or concerns you have concerning any of our products

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